1. Mosquito taking blood meal, injecting sporozoites, quickly enter the liver

  2. divide

  3. divide

  4. divide

  5. Rupture of liver cell, as many as 30,000 parasites

Asexual cycle:

  1. Enter RBC as feeding form "Trophozoite" (growing and feeding/ring form)

  2. Feeds on Hb and grows & Starts to divide its nucleus (>1 nucleus- schizont)

  3. Reaches it's maximum

  4. RBC ruptures, releases parasites

  5. x

  6. x

  7. x

  8. x

  9. x

  10. x

  11. Develop into male gametocyte

  12. x

  13. Develop into female gametocyte

  14. Taken up in blood meal

Sexual cycle inside mosquito

  1. x

Thin film features


  • Preferentially infects reticulocytes (larger RBCs)

  • Schuffner's dots (fine pink dots)

  • Grows in an uneven way, moulding

  • Fills whole RBC (like pO)

Developing schizont:

Mature schizont: