Amoebiasis (E.histolytica)

Entamoeba histolytica is the pathogen responsible for invasive 'amoebiasis' (which includes amoebic dysentery and amoebic liver abscesses).

Don't confuse with

    1. Entamoeba coli (Ent. Coli), a non-pathogenic species of Entamoeba that frequently exists as a commensal parasite in the GI tract, OR

    2. Entamoeba dispar (harmless), OR

    3. the bacterium, Escherichia coli (Esch. coli)


  • Microscopy (tropical medicine microscopy book); 12 microns, ring and dot nuclei


  • Metronidazole (or tinidazole or nitazoxanide) to kill trophozoites

  • Iodoquinol, paramomycin, diloxanide to eradicate cysts

  • Abscess: avoid surgical drainage, medical treatment

Trophozoites invading tissue